Get Invovled By Joining A Ministry 
The MINISTRIES of the Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ (KTCOC) have a primary purpose, which is meeting the needs of our members AND residents of our community.  This invaluable component of the Evangelism Ministry, is a partnership designed to get every member of KTCOC, especially our new converts connected one to another in prayer & friendship; it also provides mentors for new converts and new members.  

 This ministry is designed to meet the physical needs (food, clothing, etc.) of our members as well as members of our community AND to empower them to become self-sufficient. 
    There are probably very few things in life that hurt as much as the death of a loved one. This ministry strives to be a shoulder and system of support to those who have had death in their family. Its aim is to serve family members throughout the bereavement process including visiting funeral homes, planning services, etc. The mission of the Mission H.O.P.E. support group is to Heal through Optimism, Prayer & Education.
    This important ministry is designed to help members and visitors move closer to God through a systematic course of bible study. Classes are available for all ages, from toddlers through adults. Classes meet on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursdays each week; In the fall of each year, we offer a we offer a variety of study courses in a four to five week seminar series on Saturdays. Anyone desiring to be part of the Educational Staff must go through a course of training.
    This ministry is designed to move people from the pre-employment to employment stage by offering workshops on interviewing, job searching, work skills, etc. and by providing leads for potential employment.
    This is the most important ministry of the church; it is designed to involve every member in reaching UP to God, reaching IN to each other, and reaching OUT to the world.
    This ministry, which is also part of the Benevolence ministry, is responsible for ordering, setting up, and distributing food each Tuesday; it works in cooperation with the Indianapolis Food Depository.
    This ministry is designed to strengthen marriages and families through practical and spiritual workshops and activities and to provide couples with fulfilling fellowship with other couples.
  7. MEDIA
    This outreach ministry is designed to present the gospel to the world, as well as sick and shut-in members, through the use of television, radio, videotape and audiotape.
  8. MEN
    This newly formed ministry is designed to provide men with resources and opportunities to rejuvenate and grow personally and spiritually as they grow closer to the Lord and each other through study, workshops, and retreats.
  9. MUSIC
    A ministry designed to spread the word of God through acappella singing. We use our voices and our talents to spread the word. If you enjoy singing (without music), you can be part of this ministry.
    Discovering the needs of our community, and doing our part to help make a difference in the community is the primary goal of this ministry. This ministry plans seminars and workshops dealing with financial investments, college and career planning, health & wellness, as well as produces the quarterly Shining Light community newsletter.
    This ministry, which is being restructured, is designed to help people when they're down and troubled and dealing with substance abuse; this ministry is still in the formative stages, but it's primary goal is to provide support systems, workshops, and seminars to help those who are dealing with substance abuse, as well as their family members to recover.
    This ministry is designed to meet the physical, emotional, personal, and spiritual needs of senior members, as well as members of our community; it also strives to provide them with fulfilling outlets and fellowship with other seniors.
    Single people have their own unique needs as they strive to live Godly, moral lives in this sin-sick world. This ministry provides singles with a means of fellowship via book clubs, retreats, social activities, as well as spiritual and personal growth by way of workshops, seminars, and other fulfilling activities and events.
    This ministry is designed to spread the gospel and information about KTCOC by way of the internet.
    Lack of transportation should not be a reason for a member or visitor to miss service or Bible class. This ministry plays a pivotal role in providing transportation to and from the church services, bible classes, and activities.
  16. WOMEN
    Sisters have special needs as they strive to meet the daily demands of being wives, mothers, career women, friends, support givers, etc. This ministry works to provide women with resources and monthly opportunities for personal and spiritual rejuvenation and growth.
    Our youth need direction, guidance, and love. This ministry is designed to meet their needs as they strive to grow up in today's mixed-up world. This ministry offers a systematic program of workshops, retreats, social outings, etc. to help youth develop in a positive, nurturing environment.
    These workers prayerfully and diligently serves to make sure that youth ages 5—12 are able to experience worship each Sunday morning on a level appropriate to their understanding.